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BY-1311 waterborne rust inhibitor
    • BY-1311 waterborne rust inhibitor
Product Details

BY-1311 waterborne rust inhibitor

This product is a "water-based oil" type rust inhibitor for metal parts and equipment. It has special anti-rust properties for metals in humid environments. It can be widely used for rust protection of mechanical equipment and metal parts, and used for rust prevention in metal processing. The phosphating workpiece is treated with the rust inhibitor to greatly enhance the rust prevention performance of the phosphating film.

First, the characteristics

It is water-soluble, non-toxic and tasteless.

After the film is dried, the surface is not sticky and it is not easy to adhere to dust.

In the hot and humid environment, the anti-rust performance is better than the thin anti-rust oil.

Different ratios can be selected according to the requirements of the anti-rust period.

Second, technical indicators

Appearance: colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid

Specific gravity: 1.14±0.01

PH value: 9~10

Third, the method of use

Dilute the concentrate into a working solution (diluted to 1:1~5 depending on the length of the rust prevention period).

The oil, rust, dust and other wastes on the surface of the workpiece are completely removed and cleaned. The workpiece and the anti-rust liquid can be fully contacted for 2 to 5 minutes by spraying, brushing and dipping. Anti-rust requirements should be heated to 55-70 degrees.

When the PH of the working fluid is less than 8.5, it should be replenished in time; after the working fluid is used for a certain period of time, due to the introduction of impurities, the anti-rust performance is reduced, and the new liquid should be replaced in time; the treated workpiece should be avoided in the acid mist environment as much as possible. In order to avoid reducing rust resistance.

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