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BY-300C tank dipping metal cleaning agent
    • BY-300C tank dipping metal cleaning agent
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Conventional cleaning agents are now formulated with surfactants combined with bases, inorganic salts and other builders. In the washing process, the later washing water usually dissolves more alkali, phosphorus or phosphorus-free inorganic salts and other additives. Water thus dissolved in more electrolytes can usually no longer be used or used for subsequent rewashing.

Our company has developed and produced BY-300C tank metal cleaning agent with years of practical work experience. The agent is mainly composed of a nonionic surfactant, a non-electrolyte auxiliary agent and a water-soluble and biologically active organic substance. It is mainly used in the leaching and phosphating treatment process of no waste water discharge tank.

crafting process

1) BY-300C cleaning

2) 2 washes

3) Post processing

Process parameters

1) Distribution tank concentration: 5-20% (according to the severity of oil stains)

2) bath temperature: RT-50 degrees (generally 40-50 degrees)

3) Processing time: 1-3 minutes

4) PH value: 7-9

5) Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid

Alignment method

Add about 80% of cold water to the degreasing tank, add appropriate amount of the agent and stir evenly, then add water to the working level and heat to the operating temperature.

main feature

1) The use of the agent has low cost, good effect, fast speed and long service life.

2) Formulated without water quality, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-explosive, safe to use.

3) It can resist wind rust, and its working fluid has no adverse effect on the stability of phosphating solution. Mainly used in wastewater-free impregnation phosphating process.

4) The degreaser is compounded by a non-ionic surfactant, has excellent emulsification, penetration, wetting and degreasing ability, is easy to clean, and does not cause lacquer pitting, shrinkage, pits and the like.

Control maintenance

1) With the continuous operation of the bath, its performance will gradually decrease, and the BY-300C metal cleaning agent should be periodically measured and supplemented.

2) The normal use of the production line equipment should be maintained in the no-waste discharge process to ensure complete recycling.

3) Prepare ultrasonic cleaning, which will be better for complex long and short workpieces.

4) Before the processed workpiece is transferred to the next process, it should be cleaned in flowing clean water.

5) Pay attention to the oil and dirt in the liquid surface to prevent the workpiece from being contaminated again.


1) Store in a closed drum and store in a dry place. This product is 25 kg per package.

2) Stored in the original packaging, this product is valid for one year.

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