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BY-3333 aluminum chemical polishing agent
    • BY-3333 aluminum chemical polishing agent
Product Details

BY-3333 aluminum chemical polishing agent

1 Introduction

The aluminizing polishing additive can produce a glossy mirror effect by the impregnation process before the anodization of the aluminum surface. This agent is the result of researching domestic and foreign technologies and producing advanced products through advanced technology.

2, the main features

2.1 This product is a sky blue solid powder with less usage.

2.2 can achieve mirror effect

2.3 Can replace imported products and reduce the cost of use

2.4 Yellow smoke is less produced

3, the scope of application

Impregnated chemical mirror polishing for aluminum (except cast aluminum)

4, typical process

Degreasing---Washing---Washing---Chemical polishing---Washing---Neutralization---Washing---Anodizing

5, technical indicators

5.1 sky blue solid powder

5.2 Proportion: 0.5%

5.3 Working temperature: 80-120 degrees, of which

Pure aluminum: 85-95 degrees

Alloy aluminum: 110 degrees

5.4 Processing time: 0.5-5 minutes

6, configuration and adjustment

6.1 When working liquid is added, add 85% phosphoric acid 500-900 ml per liter, 98% sulfuric acid 50-200 ml, 68% nitric acid 50-100 ml, BY-3333 additive 5-10 g, add and stir in order. Evenly.

6.2 It needs to be added regularly according to the workload

7, matters needing attention

7.1 Care should be taken not to corrode the aluminum matrix during degreasing. It can be treated with weakly alkaline, neutral or organic solvents.

7.2 Neutralization with 68% nitric acid at a concentration of 15%-20%

7.3 It is best to age after the new tank is equipped. It contains aluminum ions in the tank.

7.4 The acid should be added in proportion during use, pay attention to the amount of sulfuric acid not excessive

7.5 It is best not to add waste aluminum to the aluminum alloy workpiece, which will affect the mirror effect.

7.6 After the throwing, the workpiece pauses in the air for less than 40 seconds.

7.7 The workpiece does not need to be mechanically polished, and the front treatment should not change its surface crystal structure.

8, packaging, storage and transportation

Packed in 25 or 30 kg woven bags lined with plastic bags and stored in a cool dry place.

This product is valid for one year

Transport by non-dangerous goods


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