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BY-47 aluminum green film chromizing agent
    • BY-47 aluminum green film chromizing agent
Product Details

BY-47 aluminum green film chromizing agent

1 Introduction

There are many types of chemical conversion coatings of aluminum and its alloys, of which are typically chromate, phosphorous-chromate, tannic acid, and phosphate membranes. Among them, the chromate-phosphate film is relatively thick and has good corrosion resistance. In response to the market demand for aluminum products, the adhesion is strong, the corrosion resistance is good, and the cost is low. This product has been specially developed.

2. Main features

2.1 This agent is a chromate-phosphate product with a Cr6+ content of less than 1g/L.

2.2 The conversion film has no obvious influence on the binding force of the coating film when it is heated within 200 °C.

2.3 The film color is a light green rainbow film.

2.4 Used in combination with alumina acid to simplify the process and save investment and improve efficiency.

3. Scope of application

Suitable for impregnation and spray treatment of aluminum parts.

4. Typical process

Aluminic acid desorption → water washing → water washing → film forming agent → water washing → water washing → drying

5. Technical indicators

Serial number





Light yellow liquid


Specific gravity



Match ratio



Working temperature °C

Normal temperature ~ 40


Processing time min

Impregnation: 5-10

Spray 2-5


Free acidity


6. Preparation and adjustment

6.1 When preparing the working fluid, add it in a ratio of 100-120kg per ton plus BY-47, and shake it evenly for use.

6.2 Addition can be added according to the free acid of the working fluid. To increase the free acid point per ton of working fluid, 7kg of BY-47 film-forming agent must be added.

6.3 When the solution is used for a long time, consider replacing the working fluid.

7. Precautions

7.1 After the workpiece is processed, it should be dried and aged before spraying.

7.2 After working for a period of time, its efficiency will decrease, and the BY-47 type film former should be properly supplemented.

7.3 The working fluid should be controlled in the range of 0.18-0.37. When the weight of the workpiece treated film is not 0.2-1.2g/m2, the ratio should be analyzed.

8. Packaging, storage and transportation

Packed in 25kg plastic drum, stored in a cool dry place, the barrel mouth is up when transported to prevent leakage.


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