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BY-73 rust inhibitor
    • BY-73 rust inhibitor
Product Details

BY-73 rust inhibitor

1. Overview

Our company is easy to rust in the wet or harsh environment for the phosphating workpiece. By using the advanced technology formula at home and abroad, BY-73 rust inhibitor is used to compensate for the rust of phosphating. A major breakthrough is the ideal rust inhibitor for phosphating products.

2. crafting process

1) Surface cleaning

2) Washing

3) Surface adjustment

4) BY series film treatment

5) Washing

6) BY-71 processing

3. main feature

1) A corrosion inhibitor is added to the product to prevent excessive corrosion during rust prevention.

2) The agent can be compatible with ordinary water without affecting the adhesion of the coating.

3) Use at room temperature to save energy.

4. Process parameters

1) Distribution tank concentration: 2-3%

2) bath temperature: normal temperature - 50 degrees

3) Treatment time: immersion for 1-2 minutes

4) PH: 5.5-6.5

5. Alignment method

Add 80% water to the tank and add 20 to 30 kg of BY-73 rust inhibitor in the soaking process. , then add water to the working level, stir and warm for later use.

6. Maintenance control

1) After using the working fluid for a period of time, its anti-rust effect will decrease, and an appropriate amount of BY-73 anti-rust agent should be added to ensure the treatment effect of the working fluid.

2) When the acid ions and sodium ions in the working fluid exceed a certain amount, the effect will decrease, and the working fluid should be considered for replacement.

7. Precautions

1) This agent can only be used as rust prevention between workpieces. It is necessary to control the concentration and pH of the agent. Continuous production is recommended to be replaced once a month.

2) Pay attention to the safety of operation, minimize skin contact, and wash with plenty of water immediately after contact.

3) 25kg plastic drum, stored in the original packaging, the product is valid for one year.

4) Store in a cool dry place.


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