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BY-80 metal anti-rust water
    • BY-80 metal anti-rust water
Product Details

BY-80 metal anti-rust water


Our company is easy to rust in the wet or harsh environment. We borrow BY-80 metal anti-rust water to make up for the shortcomings. We have made a major breakthrough in technology.

main feature

1) There is a corrosion inhibitor in the product, which is not easy to produce excessive corrosion while preventing rust.

2) This agent can be compatible with ordinary water.

3) The agent is an organic substance type, and there is no white crystal on the surface after drying.

Scope of application

Suitable for the treatment of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel with iron products and mechanical parts.

Typical process

Rust removal → water washing → neutralization → water washing → rust prevention

Technical indicators

Serial number





Micro-purple transparent liquid



Mechanical cleaning 3-5%

Parts are soaked 10-15%


PH value



Operating temperature

Normal temperature -80 ° C


Foam performance



Processing time


Preparation and adjustment

1) When preparing the working fluid, add BY-50 in a ratio of 30-50kg per ton of tap water and mix well.

2) After using the working fluid for a period of time, the anti-rust effect will decrease, and an appropriate amount of BY-80 should be added to ensure the treatment effect of the working fluid.

3) When the acid ions and sodium ions in the working fluid exceed the quantitative value, the effect will decrease, and the working fluid should be considered for replacement.


This agent can only be used as anti-rust between workpiece processes, and the workpiece after anti-rust must be treated before spraying.


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