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BY-800 zinc-based phosphating agent for wastewater discharge spraying process
    • BY-800 zinc-based phosphating agent for wastewater discharge spraying process
Product Details

BY-800 zinc-based phosphating agent for wastewater discharge spraying process

1 Introduction:

In general, zinc phosphating for spraying contains heavy metal zinc ions, phosphates, nitrites, etc., and in phosphating, water washing water also dissolves substances that can harm the environment and the human body. In order to influence these effects, domestic and foreign companies have done a lot of research, a method, using chemicals that do not contain environmental and human influences, such as zirconium passivation, but high cost of use and narrow applications. The scope, especially the film formation does not fully meet the performance of the original phosphating film limits its application; the other method is to simply change the production line, using a new technology to produce cleaning, phosphating agents, to achieve chemical, water washing Closed circulation, so that the waste water is not discharged, so that it can be cleaned and produced environmentally. Our company has combined the years of practical work experience and customer requirements to introduce the zinc-based phosphating treatment agent for the BY-800 wastewater-free spray process.

2 Main features:

2.1 During use, the tank has a wide variable range, no need for frequent detection and adjustment, and operation and management are greatly simplified.

2.2 The phosphating bath is stable and has a long service life. It can be recycled after slag removal without the need to change the tank, saving production costs.

2.3 During the phosphating process, there is less sediment, and the phosphating film crystallizes evenly and densely. After phosphating, the surface of the workpiece is less ash and the corrosion resistance is strong.

2.4 Promoter adopts compound accelerator, which has less dosage, good promotion effect, low cost and no carcinogenic nitrites.

2.5 Reduced investment in environmental protection equipment and environmental protection operating costs.

2.6 The original production line has low conversion input costs.

3 Scope of application:

Suitable for impregnation and spray treatment of steel parts.

4 Typical process:


5 Technical indicators:

Serial number item

1 appearance BY-800A colorless to pale green liquid

BY-800B milky white viscous liquid

BY-800C colorless transparent liquid

2 Specific gravity 1.25±0.02

3 ratio 5%

4 total acidity Working fluid 18-28 points

5 working temperature 45-55℃

6 processing time Impregnation: 10-30 min Spray: 2-5min

7 free acidity 1.5-2 points

8 acid ratio 10-15

6 Preparation and adjustment:

6.1 When preparing the working fluid, add in the proportion of 50-65kg per ton plus BY-800A, stir evenly and adjust according to the index. BY-800C can be used after it is dripped with a drip before use and during use.

6.2 Addition can be added according to the total acidity of the working fluid. With the continuous operation of the bath, the total acidity of the bath will continuously decrease. It should be measured and replenished regularly. Generally, the total acidity increases by 1 point for every 2.5 kg of BY-800A. If the total acidity is too high, the feeding can be stopped and the production is still normal. After a while, the bath can return to normal. If the freeness is too high, it can be adjusted by adding BY-800B. Generally, for each 1.5kg BY-800B, the free acidity can be decreased by 0.1 point. The free acidity is too low to be adjusted with phosphoric acid. Generally, for every 0.85 kg of phosphoric acid added, the free acidity can be increased by one point.

7 Note:

7.1 After the workpiece has been treated, it should be dried before spraying.

7.2 After working for a period of time, its efficiency will decrease, and BY-800A should be supplemented appropriately.

7.3 During production, care should be taken to maintain the normal operation of the production line equipment.

8 Packaging, storage and transportation:

BY-800A: 30kg plastic drum, BY-800B, BY-800C: 25kg packaging, stored in a cool dry place, the barrel mouth is upwards during transportation to prevent leakage.


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