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BY-86 wax cleaning metal cleaning agent
    • BY-86 wax cleaning metal cleaning agent
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Conventional cleaning agents are now formulated with surfactants combined with bases, inorganic salts and other builders. In the washing process, the later washing water usually dissolves more alkali, phosphorus or phosphorus-free inorganic salts and other additives. The water in which more electrolyte is dissolved in this way can no longer be used or used for re-washing of the subsequent channels, and the cleaned workpiece can be contaminated again.

Our company has developed BY-86 cleaning agent based on years of practical work experience. The agent is mainly composed of a nonionic surfactant, a non-electrolyte auxiliary agent and a water-soluble and biologically active organic substance. It can be used for the cleaning of various materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc and glass. Polishing wax, various oil stains and other impurities can be removed from the surface of the workpiece. This agent does not contain phosphorus or nitrogen. Comply with the EU RoHS Directive.

crafting process

1) BY-86 cleaning

2) 2 washes

3) Post processing

Process parameters

1) Distribution tank concentration: 2-5%

2) bath temperature: 50-70 ° C (typically 55-65 ° C)

3) Processing time: 2-8 minutes (Generally, ultrasonics should be used)

4) PH value: 9-10

5) Appearance: slightly lemon-flavored rose red liquid

Alignment method

Add about 80% of cold water to the degreasing tank, add appropriate amount of the agent and stir evenly, then add water to the working level and heat to the operating temperature.

main feature

1) The use of the agent has low cost, good effect, fast speed and long service life.

2) Formulated without water quality, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-explosive, safe to use.

3) The degreaser has excellent emulsification, penetration, wetting, degreasing and wax removal ability, and is easy to clean.

4) It can adapt to a variety of processes and a variety of downstream processing, and the production operation is simple.

Control maintenance

1) As the bath continues to work, its performance will gradually decrease, and the BY-86 cleaning agent should be periodically measured and supplemented.

2) The normal use of the production line equipment should be maintained to ensure its recycling effect and reduce its usage.

3) Prepare ultrasonic cleaning, which will be better for complex long and short workpieces.

4) Before the processed workpiece is transferred to the next process, it should be cleaned in flowing clean water.

5) Pay attention to the oil and dirt in the liquid surface to prevent the workpiece from being contaminated again.


1) Store in a closed drum and store in a dry place. This product is 25kg or 30kg per package.

2) Stored in the original packaging, this product is valid for one year.

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